Time sure flies when you are growing up. After a two year wait, Light Years is back and fighting those pesky growing pains with classic, yet different Light Years material.

“We didn’t realize how fast time slipped away from us,” said vocalist Pat Kennedy.

Based out of Cleveland, Ohio, the quartet (Kennedy – Vocals , Tommy Englert – Bass, Andrew Foerst – Guitar, and Kent Sliney – Drums) set out about tackling getting older and it’s the main motivation behind their upcoming album Afterlife, available November, 30th via Rude Records. Producer, Will Yip, was brought on again to help with the record. He has worked on the last two records.

“The past 6 or 7 years has been all Light Years all the time,” said Kennedy. “We would go on tour and everything would revolve around Light Years. Now, it’s ‘Oh, maybe that’s not the case’ as we get older which is really sad.”

Englert and Foerst got married recently, which has taken some focus away from the band to worry about real life, but don’t worry, the wives fortunately treated it as a normal part of their lives, being as supportive as possible.

With life creeping up, there was a pact to not half-ass a single thing and really work on the album and see what happens. With how crazy life can be, this could be the last Light Years record, but it’s not definitive.

“No plans of breaking up,” said Kennedy. “Sort of a thing where ‘damn we’re old; how long can we live like this?’ We all have roommates and I work in a pizza place part time at home. Do I really want to do that the next 5 years? It’s dumb and sad to think about but you know.”

Kennedy mentioned, however, that he hopes this record resonates with the fans and passes the test of time and that all he really cares about is fans enjoying the music

“Will this hold up after ‘death’ when Light Years is done,” said Kennedy. “We want something that hopefully is not something of a flyover moment or passing in the scene. Let’s make sure it’s 100% Light Years and not goofy or a trend.”

In preparation for the album drop in about 2 months, the band has released 2 singles so far: Back Then and Burning in My Blood. Back Then, being the first single, captures the direction the band wanted to go with the new record. Kennedy says it’s more rocky and straight forward guitars. With the release of the song came a video they had planned out which gave it the push for first single.

“I’m excited that people have been very receptive to the new stuff,” said Kennedy. “It’s always nerve-wracking for me putting out a new thing; are people going ‘this sucks, I hate it’ or worse: no one responds at all and it just passes by.”

Coming in with a different vibe, however, was Burning in My Blood. During the recording process, bassist Englert was jamming the riff and ears perked up. The song was written on the spot, which is a first for the band, said Kennedy. The song features a strong Weezer connection, which has been picked up by fans.

“He started playing and we could do something really cool and it organically grew. [It’s] one of our favorite songs on the record.”

Afterlife is the newest release after I’ll See You When I See You in late 2015, also via Rude Records. Time to fit two years of growth into the new record. We can expect a little more toned down Light Years. You can view the track list below. Look for potentially two more songs and another music video before the album drops.

“It’s been cool and rewarding personally to see two years of hard work and preparation pan out,” said Kennedy. “I’m very grateful we get to be in a band that puts out music that people care about.”

Light Years Afterlife

  1. Back Then
  2. Bottom of the Ocean
  3. Lost on the Way Home
  4. It Doesn’t Matter
  5. Graveyard
  6. How Are You
  7. Should Have Been
  8. Bottle Rocket
  9. Burning in My Blood
  10. Paradise
  11. If I Knew Then


Woody Woodworth – HUM Team

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