Respecting your elders has always been an age old tradition but, have you ever respected them enough to write a song about them? If you’re Tobi Duncan, vocalist of UK screamo quintet Trash Boat, then the answer is a yes.

In the first of a few episodes of Behind the Lyrics, featuring Trash Boat, Duncan opened up about his grandfather’s life and put it into perspective for us in “Old Soul.” The title “Old Soul” was chosen because Duncan’s grandfather would call everyone ‘Old Soul.”

The fourth song on their album Crown Shyness, which was released in July via Hopeless Records, was first conceived by guitarist Ryan Hyslop. When Hyslop sent a demo of the song to Duncan, Duncan picked up on the chorus and remedies and ran with it.

The lyrics, inspired by conversations with his grandfather, tackle and compare differences between the two and their life experiences.

Check out the video below for Behind the Lyrics: Old Soul to hear more about Duncan’s inspiration for the song and to learn more about his grandfather’s extraordinary life. Look for more videos to come out soon.


Woody Woodworth – HUM Team

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